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F A Q 
  • Who are the LA Roller Entertainment Skaters?

    • LA Roller Entertainment is a team of professional roller skaters. We are the industry experts and the go-to source for roller skating needs across the globe. Our team is hand selected, with top-ranked figure skating champions, rhythm skating champions, and jam skating champions. LA Roller Entertainment talent is simply the best of the best!

  • What does LA Roller Entertainment do? 

    • LA Roller Girls Entertainment provides all your entertainment dreams, on roller skates! Our services range from elite level roller dance and stunt live show performances, to activating event spaces and experiential marketing, stunt coordination, teaching roller skating, and making an unforgettable appearance on the big screen. Basically, we do everything on roller skates! 

  • Does LA Roller Entertainment only perform in Los Angeles?

    • Nope! Los Angeles is our home base but LA Roller Girls Entertainment performs all over the world! 


  • Does LA Roller Entertainment have men in their company?

    • Yes! LA Roller Girls Entertainment is fully inclusive and proud to have roller talent that represent all spectrums of diversity.


  • Does LA Roller Entertainment teach classes? 

    • LA Roller Girls Entertainment does teach classes! We offer private lessons and our upcoming workshops are posted on our website and Instagram @LARollerGirls. If you are interested in receiving a private lesson, visit our Learn To Skate webpage or email us at

  • Does LA Roller Entertainment provide rental skates?

    • LA Roller Girls Entertainment does not provide rental skates.


  • How can I contact LA Roller Entertainment?  


  • How can I become a Talent Member of LA Roller Entertainment? 

    • If you would like to become a LA Roller Girl, please send your submission via email with your headshot, resume, and skate reel to

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